Hello, my name is olivia.


I’ve always been drawn towards design.

As a child, I would spend hours upon hours creating houses for my dolls. I actually had more fun designing their spaces than playing with the dolls themselves! My father, an electrical contractor, would bring old blueprints home from work so I could draw primitive sections and elevations of dollhouses on the back with my crayons.

I have since traded in my crayons for Copic markers during the completion of a five-year professional program through the Hammons School of Architecture at Drury University. I received my Master of Architecture degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History in May 2016.

My education at Drury taught me the power of design and its ability to impact people, communities, and cities. I truly believe that everyone, regardless of social status or economic background, has a right to experience quality architecture.

This passion is what inspired the decision to continue my architectural education at the graduate level. In September 2016, I began classes at Portland State University's Center for Public Interest Design in pursuit of a graduate certificate. Through my commitment to the program, I was also offered a year-long student fellowship and internship which I completed in August 2017.

I am now working as a designer at MWA Architects, where we are trying to create dignified, affordable solutions that address the housing crisis in Portland. I'm excited to continue applying design as a tool for underserved communities!


To view thesis research from my previous program at Drury University, please click here.